Cuadritos Industrial Park offers you:
Strategic location
In the center of the country
Connected to San Miguel de Allende, Querétaro, Salamanca, to the Pan-American Highways, 45, 45D and 51.
Railways 3km away, Ferromex and Kansas City
Southern México
Natural Gas
Electrical cogeneration using natural gas with steam and cold byproducts
20MVA Electrical Substation with potential for growth
Wide range of labor available for your business due to the many
neighboring communities
Good quality land
Drinking water sources
Septic tank with capacity of 45 L/s
Voice and data service
24 hour surveillance
Fenced lots
Trained guards
Visitors’ Log
Waste water treatment
Sports areas
Fire hydrant network
Sanitary sewage system
Street Lighting

At the same time,

Cuadritos Industrial Park allows companies with similar vocations to coexist in the same space, creating a synergy between brands, companies and services in common
Provides the possibility of developing network economies, which facilitate innovation, absorption and diffusion of new technologies
In this way, in Celaya a new industrial park is growing, which hopes to be an emblem of the region and the country
Allows the development of production and service midmarkets
Promotes the safety and social climate of the region